Respecting the environment helps us grasp what it means to work with nature; all climatic conditions and vital elements together define our unique “terroir.”


Our biodynamic methods ensure our vines and workers are free from exposure to harmful pesticides and fertilizers. During harvest, we hand pick grapes from robust vines, and in the wine cellar, we follow the natural transformation process without adding or subtracting anything.


As more people become conscientious about the food they eat, they are also becoming curious about the ingredients in that bottle of wine they are drinking. That’s why our minimalist interventions in the wine cellar ensure those who love our wine are drinking only fermented grapes made by nature and passion.


We embrace the holistic principles of biodynamic agriculture and always try to create a balance between plants, animals and people. When this balance exists there is a special energy in the air and harmony in the vineyard.


Dynamization is an integral process of biodynamic agriculture.
The objective is to stir and dissolve a small amount of biodynamic preparation in tepid water to create a vortex. When a deep vortex appears, we break it, create chaos then change the stirring direction and stir until another deep vortex appears.

This process continues for one hour. Each vortex allows the maximum amount of air to reach the water and expose it to the energy of the cosmic forces. When the hour is up, we spray the solution either on the soil or the plants.